The Pros and Cons of KDP Select

As mentioned in my previous post, The Different Platforms to Publish on, Amazon offers a special program for authors to enroll in called KDP Select. In exchange for keeping your book exclusively for sale of Amazon, you get a number of benefits. I briefly touched on these benefits in my previous blog post, but I'll be... Continue Reading →

The Different Platforms to Publish on

So, you finished writing your book and you want to publish it. There are two routes you can go down: you can traditionally publish it or you can self-publish it. I'll go over traditional publishing in a later blog post, but for now, I'm going to focus on self-publishing. Self-publishing was historically a vanity project... Continue Reading →

The Different Types of Stories, by Length

Let's say you finally finished your story. Everything has been written and rewritten and your beta-readers say it's ready to be published. There's just one question left: what kind of story is it? In general, there are four different kinds of stories based on length: short story, novelette, novella, and novel. The first kind of... Continue Reading →

How Much Should you Write a day

When you write a book, it is important for you to write consistently every day to maintain routine and stay focused. What is less clear is how much you should be writing. The short answer is that it varies. If you have all the time you could ever need, you are willing to deal with... Continue Reading →

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