The Most Important Thing For a Writer to Have (It’s Not Talent)

Becoming a writer is, by far, one of the most common dreams today. Even if you don’t want to become a full-time writer, many would still like to say that somewhere in the world is a novel with their name proudly written on the front. The problem is, of course, is that there is no real guide to writing a book, or rather, people don’t know where to look. They don’t know what to do, what to buy, where to get started. Writing anything, let alone a book, is pretty difficult. Thankfully, there is a special thing that absolutely makes or breaks whether a book will be written or not. It’s the main thing that separates the writers and those who want to be writers, and it’s free. You can take as many courses and attend as many workshops as you want, but nothing will substitute this.

This special thing is determination.

Everyone who has ever written a book has been determined to do so. I can say from personal experience that writing my first book was incredibly difficult. It is hard work, and if you don’t have the determination to write a book, that book will never get written, regardless of your talent or education. If you do have the determination to write, eventually that determination will turn into discipline, and that discipline will push you to write consistently every day until you suddenly find yourself with an entire manuscript on your hands, which mercifully comes much sooner than you might imagine.

Writing is one of the easiest things to get into. It requires no special education or training, and everything you need to write can be found on a computer. You could even go with paper and ink if you want. There are no special skills that are needed to write a book either. It simply boils down to writing down a story one word at a time, whether for hours every day or simply 15 minutes on your lunch break. Ultimately, the only thing that keeps people from writing is their determination to write. Not everybody has that determination, and that’s okay. Maybe they prefer movies or video games over novels as a medium. Maybe they want to code instead of write. Maybe they don’t have much of a creative side at all. None of those are bad, as long as it’s what the person wants, but if you truly want to write a book, don’t let anything stop you. It can be frightening at first, but if you have the determination and the idea, all you have to do is write down your story one word at a time.


Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration – Thomas Edison


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